When Love and Entertainment Collide

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Five great ideas to set the tone for a beautiful romantic evening with your loved one.

1) Set the tone from the start.
Make a big impact on arrival if you really want to make a date truly memorable.
A simple violinist standing under a tree close to a beautifully laid table is elegant and will set the tone for a truly loving evening. But if you want to really aim for the stars why not go for something with a little more Pizazz. LED lights can make all the difference, just look at these amazing options. The Galaxy Dress and the Illumosax will add more sparkle to your night and leave your loved one with a memory that will linger on far brighter you ever imagined.

2) Surprises are always important.
I know it’s a leap year and if the surprise you are after is something with a few more carats and shine then you’ve got this one sorted girls… But if you really want to make an impact, do something grand that they’ll never forget. Elegant Entertainment’s Singing Waiters, Arias Anonymous are the perfect way to surprise any guest and they perform as Trio, Duo or a Solo Singing Chef depending on how big or intimate your event is. It’s spectacular and will leave you with a memory you’ll never forget!

3) Get in on the Surprise.
Nothing is more memorable or romantic than serenading your loved one yourself, but if you feel that you need a little help from a friend get a Duo/Solo Singing act that would be happy for you to join them for a romantic number or two. The Rocketeers, Andfem, Jacques Lagesse and Rene Mabotha are perfect for an intimate evening for two.

4) Go all out.
If you are one of those people that loves nothing better than to ‘top’ your romantic gestures year after year then why not go big! You could stage a flash mob, or have fireworks or take a feather out of a few celebrity’s caps. When former Miss SA and 2017 Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Ne-Peters got recently engaged to world-famous US Baseball player Tim Tebow he flew South African favourite Matthew Mole over to the US to sing her most loved song for her. What a guy! There are plenty of options for great SA Acts that will really impress the ‘missus’. Why not try Rubber Duc, Swing City or for little fun and flair I like the naughtiness of The 3 Tons of Fun!

5) Keep it Classy.
Not all of us are flashy and need to be surrounded by sequins and lights. Some of us just want a little light ambient mood as we while away the evening with some bubbles and a little love in the air. I won’t harp on… for this a String Quartet or Classical instrument is perfect, but if there is still that itch for something with more impact then one can’t go wrong with the standout, visually spectacular performance of a Musician in a Bubble!