West Side Glory

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I am sure you have all heard about the new musical kid on the New York block recently, what a marvelous piece of theatre in its purest form! Myself and Clinton were lucky enough to see West Side Story last week on its official opening night and WOW what a pleasure.

This perfect production is underpinned by wonderful home grown talent, the artistic team are all South African and it truly would hold its own on an international stage in more ways than one. The sets are majestic, the cast is beautifully balanced, the orchestra communicates this quite frankly historic musical with excellence and Joburg Theatre sounds fantastic.

Musicals really are in my DNA, I have seen small and large productions on Broadway, countless West End productions and since arriving in SA six years ago have really missed the abundance of top quality theatrical experiences. We are lucky to see international productions here where the budget is less of an issue than South African productions BUT what a breath of fresh air to see that the industry has created such a masterpiece here too.

West Side Story holds a special part of my heart, I have danced in two differing productions (back in the days) in the UK as a ‘shark girl’ and just love the story of its inception. The writers went through a good ten years (on and off) of development to eventually stage the first production on Broadway which showcased the brand new talent of Stephen Sondheim (who penned Into the Woods and Sweeney Todd). The score is sumptuous, the original choreography by Jerome Robbins is simply iconic and the story an age-old tale of romantic tragedy (based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet of course!). I was so pleased to experience a production that honoured all of these elements but with a truly original and modern touch.

In short, PLEASE get yourself to Joburg theatre to see this production. It truly is the most moving piece of theatre I have experienced in a while and reminds me of exactly why we work so hard at Elegant Entertainment to bring theatre to every event that we are involved in. If you would like to create a unique VIP theatre hospitality package around this stunning show please look here for further information.

– Brooke Greenhill

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