Tough times make for happy times – Lets entertain!

by | 7:57 am | Corporate Events, News

Recession. It’s the ‘buzz word’ that everyone has on their lips these days. While it conjures up many negative associations I believe there is something hopeful for us here as entertainers. This is the time when people need encouragement to lift their heads high, forget about their troubles and let their spirits take them on a journey ‘far from the madding mess’ that comes with living up to 21st century expectations and ideals.

The best forms of entertainment have always come from the darkest times in our historical timeline. Rhythm and Blues, the father of modern jazz was created by resilient men and women trafficked across the globe to work as slaves. Somehow out of such despair and hopelessness an art form arouse that was not only a way of releasing much pent up anger frustration but it also took their spirits to another realm far beyond the mess that lay before them. It was pure escapism and without them realising…It was Entertainment at its best!

In the 1930’s Walt Disney and his team of incredible artists created an entire new world for us to explore that truly did not belong in this earthly domain and took us far away from the realities of a great depression the world it had just emerged from.

And in South Africa kwaito artists, pantsula dancers and even the rhythms of African drummers raised a cry of release at the end of a very dark period of policy that saw many human indignities finally come to an end. We then celebrated with much exuberance with song and dance in our streets in 1994.

The human spirit yearns for transcending moments of happiness! How lucky we are as entertainers to be able to create whole worlds full of magic, music and splendor to lift our fellow comrades up and let them forget about their everyday lives…. So come! Let me entertain you and we’ll have a real good time!