The Olympics of Choir Games Coming to SA!

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The 10th World Choir games are set to get The City of Tshwane dancing to the beat of a cacophony of song, rhythm and dance from a wide range countries from around the world for 11 days of exciting choral competition. Think Glee but 10 times bigger! Interkultuur, the event organisers have over 9 000 member choirs from 103 countries worldwide with an estimated 39 400 participants belonging to this incredible organisation!

This is the first time the World Choir Games will be held on African soil and the organisers are very excited to introduce South Africa’s own style of choral music to the world. It has been said that more people in South Africa are involved in choral groups than organised sports clubs!

‘I am so happy about this! Many Brilliant Choirs in South Africa who could NEVER afford to travel internationally will now get a chance to compete, take part, share, exchange ideas and be involved in the biggest choral spectacle on earth. Well Done Interkultuur!’ – Bernard Kruger, Choir Director Drakensberg Boys Choir – Interkultuur Website.

South Africa currently has 6 of our very own multi-talented choirs with incredible voices in the list of top 100 choirs in the world! But what makes this list event more special is that the Stellenbosch University Choir currently tops it at 1st place in the world having won a number of categories at the last World Choir Games in Sochi, Russia in 2016.

With over 30 000 expected visitors coming to our shores, this will be one incredible show of true multicultural vocal skill and spectacle! South Africans have much to celebrate and be proud of at this event hosted by The City of Tshwane from the 4- 14 July.

It is in this spirit of this togetherness, just like we do for all our global sporting events and teams that I believe every South African should not only stand behind our incredible local performers but we should all attend with the same South African spirit and joyously welcome our new foreign guests whilst making sure we give all our support to our amazing local choirs so that we can keep that number one spot in the world for the next 2 years!