Planning the Perfect Bachelorette Party

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This year has been the year of weddings for me. I thought planning my own wedding could be stressful, however, the pressure of being a bridesmaid and wanting to throw one of your best friend’s the most amazing bachelorette definitely came close!
So here are a few tips and ideas to make your bachelorette planning successfully smooth sailing…

Give yourself enough time
Sit down with the other bridesmaids and decide on a particular date and then brainstorm on activities. Use this meeting to decide on budget and responsibilities. A bachelorette can become quite expensive if you don’t keep yourselves in check. If you give yourself a few months to pay off things it becomes a lot more manageable. A spreadsheet in Google Drive where you can all access the expenses can come in handy or let one of the more responsible bridesmaids keep a tally.

Decide on a theme
Always consider the bride in this decision. What type of person is she? Does she have a theme for her wedding that you can connect the bachelorette theme to? Some examples: She’s getting married in a barn and is having a rustic vibe – why not consider something like a bohemian theme? Or she’s running away to the beach for her wedding – a nautical sailor theme would connect perfectly.

Ask her what she wants
Does she want the traditional kitchen tea with the parents and then go balls to the wall later with her friends?
Does she want a high tea where everything is pretty and classy?
Does she want a stripper or would she prefer all things phallic to not be in attendance?
Try and gauge her expectations so you don’t end up with a disappointed friend on your hands at the end of this.

Don’t overwhelm your guests
Entertaining your guests is absolutely vital to creating the right vibe and having fun but don’t overwhelm them with too many activities and games. Choose one or two great activities like a mobile spa, a pole dancing class, a Madame Zingara face painter, a shirtless waiter or Candy Girls. She definitely will still want to have the time to spend time with her guests and share all of her excitement for the big day.


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