No flash in the pan… 14 years after the 1st Flash Mob

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According to Wikipedia a flash mob is, ‘a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual and seemingly pointless act’

How on earth has this ‘pointless’ little act survived nearly two decades and so many incantations? Simple, it has to be the best way to grab unsuspecting folks attention to convey a message, push a political viewpoint, make a statement on society, teach us a life lesson or simply entertain us. Either way we’ll never forget it.

Entertainment has long since been known to be the best tool for the human brain to retain important information. So why not ambush your guests with entertainment that not only creates a long-lasting memory but ensures that they are able to absorb any vital new information and store it for what could be a personal eternity if the memory is memorable enough.

Our new theorem – Elegant Entertainment’s Law of Corporate Entertainment Science Technology – far too long to ever remember, but humour me it sounds exciting!

Spectacle + Manipulated Attention = Lasting Memorable Retention

Yes if you have a ripped, glistening muscle man performing gravity-defying feats with his gorgeous out of this world partner or a beautiful, elegant dancer manipulating a futuristic laser show much to an audience’s amazement it’s easy to compare this visual with your latest company strategy at your latest product launch, and the message will stick.
But with a flash mob you not only immerse the audience in a spectacular visual effect but the element of surprise and feeling as though they are a part of the magic unfolding makes the memory that much more special and memorable.

So go on give our theorem a go and see the results for yourself… Our best clients had some success with this and think everyone should give it go! It’s here to stay so you may as well indulge in some unexpected fun with a cheeky message to boot.