Motivating Staff in Tough Times

by | 8:25 am | Corporate Events, News

Here in Entertainment Land we avoid being too forlorn for any great period of time, however, we cannot help but notice the challenges that South African’s are dealing with in the workplace at the moment. South African’s are by nature super resilient and possess the ability to overcome many hurdles in a dazzling fashion, however, the events industry has to really get creative in order to engage with and tap into the business potential of their delegates right now.

Coronavirus has the global events industry in a flap, and quite rightly (and responsibly). South Africa is in ‘recession’ and we are only two months into the new decade.

But hang on! All is not lost, we are South African’s for goodness sake, #imstaying and there are so many possibilities in this eclectic country of ours.

There are some interesting ideas out there, perhaps a time to see how virtual meetings and events can be utilized to ensure employees experience collective motivation and celebration? Speakers and innovative creative content can be leveraged here in new and exciting ways, and perhaps it’s a cost-effective solution where there is short term inability to host people together in one room.

Where we still are able to gather team-building is a sure-fire way to boost your team’s morale. Check out our BRAND new Urban Stomp Experience, it’s bound to get people on their feet, experiencing Ubuntu and having some good old fashioned fun. Team Building is vital in times like this whether it be harnessing your inner comedian or celebrating the good old South African braai there are many creative options to inspire a team to pull together and face challenges head-on.

Many of our speakers work with smaller teams on bespoke training and motivation projects from Strategic Facilitators to Good Things Guys, from Rocket Scientists to Springbok motivators. What a great way to speak to a smaller team and work on outcome-based challenges.

Call us to chat and create, we want to see South Africa thrive through the tough as well as the triumphant times!