Living without sequins, is this possible?

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It all began with the burial of Egyptian King Tut who had his garments covered in little gold discs promising financial stability in the afterlife. Lets admit it, even in today’s world we love a bit of sparkle, and if you don’t you clearly haven’t experienced the joys of live theatre or been trapped by the inevitable lure of a dancing showgirl dressed in mesmerizing magenta feathers and a delicately sequined brazier (Bra- for those of you needing to quickly google the correct terminology) #InsertsWinkingFaceWithResemblenceToShinyGoldSequin

All this got me wondering how important it is for the modern day entertainer to not just attract your attention but to reel you into their world and let you escape from your humdrum existence and into the realm of glitz and glamour beyond the gilded proscenium arch.

I recently had the opportunity to work with the very talented and beautiful South African corporate entertainment singing sensation Andy Klee whilst she sung from the heavens,  suspended from the ceiling in a spectacular sparkling mirrored hoop, silver sequined gown and glittered microphone to boot. The audience swooned and gasped as hundreds of little life-like metallic reflective discs beckoned them to listen to the angelic golden haired diva as she tripped over the lyrical verse and soared up onto high notes that I’m sure even King Tut himself would have been lost in that moment I knew then and there that this tiny little thing of sheer brilliance was exactly what we needed to believe in a magical realm far removed from our ordinary lives, and I was hooked.

I’m tempted to sew these special sequins onto the lapels of our Singing Waiters, the swaying ties of our Corporate Boy Bands and the flowing fabric of our Champagne Skirts to bubble with even more ‘excitement’ at our events.

So why wait for the afterlife, I’m gonna let these miniature marvels of reflective magic live on in every event I organise from now on as I bask in the splendor and magical brilliance of these glittering little jewels.

-Clinton Hourquebie, Account Manager at Elegant Entertainment. 11 October 2016.

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