Celebrate 2016?

by | 7:17 am | Corporate Events, News

It’s been one of those years that felt like it started out as an off-Broadway hit musical ready take on the bright lights of the big apple and become a shining beacon of success with a swanky flashing sign above time square declaring that it would be the show of all shows, and in some ways it has been unforgettable but I can’t help wondering if the flashing lights of 2016 arenâ perhaps like those of a run down, undecided motel sign, tired and occasionally blimping with hope that the lights might stay on.

Even though the mood seems undecided about this year we need a little celebration if only to push us into 2017 with the prospect of a new tomorrow. I’ve spent the last few weeks attending many a corporate year end function and this seems to be exactly what 2016 ordered, less pomp and ceremony and more hope that next year will deliver a brighter, steadier hand… but first Let’s Party!

Employers have shaken off their dull grey suits and creased white shirts for sun-soaked days at amusements parks filled with the best DJ’s in town to letting loose with their favourite bands, and getting everyone off their seats and onto their feet to re-energise as staff become a part of the entertainment with Flash Mobs building team spirit and changing the mood to push that neon sign to glow brightly once more.

Comedians have made us laugh, Party Bands have kept the celebrations going, and Surprise Acts have lifted the mood to take our tired neon signs and turn them into triple story glowing billboards of hope that 2017 can stand proud that it rose above it all. And who knows perhaps 2017 may usher in a little well deserved pomp and ceremony once more, after all ‘The Establishment’ must have a little celebration of its own.

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