5 things not to do when choosing entertainment for your year end function.

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1. Don’t forget that wowing your guests on arrivals sets the right tone for the rest of the event. There are some incredible acts out there that really create powerful impact for your guests on arrivals. A simple Flash Mob or some Body Painted Dancers could get your delegates really excited about what’s to come! You could also choose to ‘Wow them’ with visually sumptuous acts such as The Living Carpet Musician, Musical Statues, The Galaxy Dress and of course the most spectacular of all… The Musician in the Bubble.

2. Don’t choose entertainers solely on how famous they are. There are excellent entertainers out there that are just as good and will most likely appeal to a wider range of demographics.
It’s hard to please everyone, in fact it’s virtually impossible to choose entertainment that will cater for every single person at your event. However there is hope. South Africa has some of the best party bands that play a wide range of musical styles from SA Classics to Global Adult Contemporary hits and much more! Most of these bands will even learn a song or two to suit your theme and event! Check out these great options for fun, versatile entertainers: Rubber Duc, Blu Bamboo, B&B Party Band, Ice ‘n Fire Band, Africa Skye, The Black Ties, Blaze Function Band and the Black Lapels.

3. Don’t let your theme or company message for your event be forgotten. Let the entertainment incorporate it into their set to so that your delegates will retain this message and memory going forward as they walk away.
Custom created shows are an excellent way to get a message across or tie in your event theme. A custom script and playful word changes to songs can easily be done to get that specific message across in a fun and exciting way! Set it to a glamourous show filled with professional singers, glitzy dancers in sequins and fun lively musicians to incorporate your style and theme. From Gatsby to Under the African Sun or The Greatest Showman your bespoke event will truly come alive just for you!

4. Don’t think that ‘Spectacular Entertainment’ equals out of your budget. There are so many wonderful, relatively inexpensive floor based cirque acts that don’t need rigging or engineer certificates that can sometimes put you off from making that booking.
In the last few years South Africa has had an explosion of cirque performers that rival the best from around the world. These acts are not only visually spectacular but you can also be added to a show that will really have your guests astounded by these incredible acts of strength and spectacle. Here are a few that will have your guests completely mesmerized: Cyr Wheel, Strength Act, Contortionist, Nutron Laser Woman, Spinning Cube Act.

5. Don’t forget that a good corporate event DJ should understand the dynamics of a diverse crowd. Your delegates will feel well looked after if they know that they can let their hair down and celebrate with you at the end of a long hard working year.
There are so many good corporate DJ’s out there and they know exactly how to read a crowd and understand the complexities of the corporate market. Check out Dino Bravo, DJ Francois, Duane Rockwell and DJ Chris K – these guys know exactly how to cater for these diverse audiences and will get the party going until those feet can’t stomp no more!